Guarantee conditions

Checkpoint24 GmbH provide a three-year guarantee on the BoxenBox®.

You can extend the guarantee period to a total of five years if you purchase the BoxenBox® Plus 2 years Extended warranty

The guarantee period begins on the date of purchase.
The guarantee applies in the European Union and in Switzerland.

The guarantee on the BoxenBox® applies exclusively to manufacturing or material defects as well as to use as intended. The guarantee does not apply to defects that appear due to

  • improper handling or use
  • Effects of violence
  • Use of non-original spare parts
  • Changes to the item due to the weather
  • Commercial use and / or rental of the items.

The guarantee does not cover damage that can be traced back to normal wear and tear. The guarantee does not include any incidental or consequential damage, as well as possible installation and removal costs in the event of a guarantee claim.

During the guarantee period, Checkpoint24 GmbH will check the defective item to determine whether there is a valid guarantee claim. If there is a valid guarantee claim, Checkpoint24 GmbH will repair or replace the item at its own expense. If the article is no longer available at the time of the guarantee claim, Checkpoint24 GmbH is entitled to exchange the article for a similar product. The replaced article or parts of the article become the property of Checkpoint24 GmbH.

The guarantee services (repair or replacement) do not extend the guarantee period. The guarantee services do not give rise to a new guarantee.

In the case of a guarantee claim, please send a message with a photo of the damage to:

Checkpoint24 GmbH, Rathausallee 12, 22846 Norderstedt

Your statutory rights under warranty and product liability are not affected by the guarantee.