Assembly Instructions

Carry out these steps after you have unpacked your BoxenBox®:

1. Screw the two fastening eyelets into the screw holes on the side of the box

2. Slide the retaining pins for the shelves into the corresponding holes and choose the desired height. Then insert the two shelves.

3. Pull the leather straps for the handrail first through the side eyelets and then through the handrail. Then make a knot so that the handrail hangs at the height you want. You can of course change this later.

4. After you have chosen where you would like to hang your BoxenBox®, pull the two straps through the eyelets on the side and lift the BoxenBox® to the desired location. The best way to do this is in pairs. Then pull the straps through the bars on your box and close them with the buckles at the desired height.